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 [ADHC] Adhocracy Incorporated - Recruitment post 
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Post [ADHC] Adhocracy Incorporated - Recruitment post
Interested in joining ADHC

About ADHC

Adhocracy Incorporated is a player group in the MMORPG EVE Online. Here's a summary of what ADHC is about, thanks to Lost Wander and our recruitment czar Racki Dumatre:


In an attempt to define what our Adhocracy is, for those who might be interested in joining our merry band of internet spaceship pilots, here is a mission statement and/or a definition of what our little group "is."

What is an Adhocracy?

Robert H. Waterman, Jr. (via Wikipedia) wrote:

"Any form of organization that cuts across normal bureaucratic lines to capture opportunities, solve problems, and get results."

    ADHC was founded on the principle that a mature group of people can play together without the need for bureaucracy.

    All members of ADHC are expected to be self-sufficient individuals and adults who realize that real life always takes priority.

    We have realized that we all have different aspects of EVE that we enjoy and do not want to be tied to mandatory ops.

    At the same time EVE is more fun when done with friends (just like RL).

ADHC Activities

ADHC is involved in many aspects of eve:

We look to participate in a healthy balance of pve and pvp play style.

    * Wormhole exploitation (We spend alot of time in wormhole space)
    * Planetary Interation
    * PvP operations (defense/anti-pirate)
    * Exploration sites
    * Mining
    * Mission running
    * Industy

Would you fit in with us

ADHC may not be the right place for you if you need someone to define respect or what accepted norms of behavior are for a mature individual.

Our current operations are based in Wormhole space but we rotate out to Known space periodically.

What are other characteristics of an Adhocracy ?

    Characteristics of an (ADHC) adhocracy:

      Highly organic structure
      Little formalization of behavior
      A tendency to group the specialists in functional units
      Low standardization of procedures, because they stifle innovation
      Roles not clearly defined (in general)
      Selective decentralization
      Power-shifts to specialized teams
      Culture based on democratic and non-bureaucratic work

And perhaps the most important characteristic and/or difference of ADHC:

The core philosophy of ADHC (Stolen from Wikipedia) wrote:
All members of an organization have the authority to make decisions and to take actions affecting the future of the organization with an absence of hierarchy.

If this sounds interesting to you, please fill out our application form link below. Join our public channel Adhocracy Public and have a chat with anyone you find in there. Applicants should expect to be asked to provide their Limited API key.

Thank you!

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Post Re: [ADHC] Adhocracy Incorporated - Recruitment post
Adhocracy Incorporated Rules of Engagement

We are "Gentlemen Vikings"

    If your security status is negative, We'll kill ya. If you're a threat or we think you're a threat, We'll kill ya. If you live in lawless space, We'll kill ya. In fact, you're gonna have to work very hard to stay alive. Now, do you understand everything We've just said? 'Cause if you don't, We'll kill ya! Now, Gentlmen Vikings throw the bubble and decloak, you may enlighten our primary


    In K-space (high sec / low sec)

      In null sec "claimed" by groups FRIENDLY or NEUTRAL to us, FOLLOW THEIR POLICIES
      If blue to corp, DO NOT engage

      If red to corp OR negative security status OR criminally flagged, ENGAGE AT WILL

    For low-sec: If neutral to corp, follow "Not red, act intelligently"

      This is looser than NRDS, as neutrals CAN be engaged if necessary.

      "Intelligent" means that we trust our corp mates to think and exercise personal judgment.

      If the neutrals appear hostile, ENGAGE AT WILL.

      this doesn't mean that a neutral should be taunted, can-flipped, harassed, locked, bumped, scammed, stolen from, or smack-talked to force them to become

      If they are minding their own business, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

      We don't hunt neutrals (in low sec) down unless they are hunting us down or we smell wormhole on them. We scan people down to see if they are a threat, not to steal their belt or site or gank them
      for their loot.



      NBSI (Not Blue Shoot Instantly) W-space is lawless and dangerous.

      No warning given. Kill on sight unless there is reason to believe contact and diplomatic relations would be beneficial to the corp.


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Post Re: [ADHC] Adhocracy Incorporated - Recruitment post
Application to join ADHC

Fill in the application form. Within a short amount of time (12-24 hours) an ADHC recruitment officer will contact you in game and ask for your limited API and user ID.

We will then evaluate your application form and your character skills and decide whether to request you attend an interview. This process will take another 24-48 hours to complete.

If you are requested to attend an interview the chat log will be posted on the ADHC forums and members will decide whether to accept you into the corp as an initiate. This post will then be posted to a hidden archive accessible to recruitment officers and directors only. This allows members to be honest without fear of reprisal.

Meanwhile hang out in Adhocracy Public. Feel free to ask questions in there.

Look forward to seeing you there

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Post Re: [ADHC] Adhocracy Incorporated - Recruitment post
ADHC SKILL Requirements

The following skills are required to participate effectively as a member of Adhocracy Incorporated.

Mandatory Requirements

*T2 Tank
*Ability to fly and effectively scan using a CovOps ship - either Frigate or T3
*Ability to fly and salvage

*Ability to both talk and listen to corpmates on Mumble
*Self Sufficient for ISK - You will lose ships
*Functional knowledge of PVP mechanics

Recommendations to best contribute.

*Advanced Cruisers (HAC, HICs, Recons, Logistics, T3s) and/or Command Ships
*Racial Medium T2 Weapons

Mining, hauling, salvaging:
*Gas harvesting V, Mining Frigate IV
*Science 5, Salvaging 4, ORE Industrial 3, Archeology and Hacking 3.
*Racial Industrial 3

Bonus: Have taken multiple E-Uni Wormhole Classes

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